what is narrative synthesis in systematic reviews

what is narrative synthesis in systematic reviews

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M. (Mark) Rodgers, A. (Amanda) Sowden, M. (Mark) Petticrew, L. (Lisa) Arai, H. M. (Helen) Roberts, N. (Nicky) Britten, J. (Jennie) Popay

What is narrative synthesis in systematic reviews
What is the meaning of NSSR abbreviation?
“Narrative Synthesis in Systematic Reviews” can be abbreviated as NSSR

At its most basic, narrative reviews are most useful for obtaining a broad perspective on a topic and are often more comparable to a textbook chapter including sections on the physiology and/or epidemiology of a topic. When reading and evaluating a narrative review, keep in mind that author’s bias may or may not be present. The labels Narrative Review and Literature Review are often describing the same type of review. For scientific purposes, the term Literature Review is the one used most often. For more information on the Literature Review, click on that link under the Review By Type tab.
The difference between a Systematic Review and a Narrative Review can be summarized as follows: