up for review

up for review

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Welcome to the volunteer reviewer page!
To increase the pool of un-conflicted reviewers we are seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage in discussions at a virtual panel meeting or provide external (email) reviews. New researchers including post doctoral fellows and sometimes upper level graduate students are welcome. Just follow the links below to the volunteer review forms and indicate the fields in which you consider yourself to be a subject matter expert and click the boxes. If your expertise matches our program needs NASA will contact you to discuss potential review assignments. Qualified SMEs may, and are encouraged, to volunteer to one or more program reviewer call. If you volunteered in a prior year and were not invited or were invited but not available, please complete a new form(s).
Use the following the links to current program-specific volunteer review forms. NASA periodically updates this page to remove or add volunteer links.

Up for review
The U.S. Marines has issued an RFP for its advertising contract, currently held by longstanding incumbent JWT. Per government policy, the contract comes up for review every three years.
The Marine Corp. has scheduled an “industry day” to meet with interested agencies later in the month.

We rely on the public, including consumers, businesses, advocates, industry experts and others to help us decide whether it’s time to update a rule or guide, leave it as is, or even rescind it. We’ve eliminated dozens of rules and guides since we started this process, and modified many others to keep pace with changes in the marketplace.

  • What is the economic impact of the rule or guide?
  • Is there a continuing need for the rule or guide?
  • Are there possible conflicts between the rule or guide and state, local, or other federal laws or regulations?
  • Has the rule or guide been affected by any technological, economic, or other industry changes?

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Martin began to review the course of his own past, and smiled bitterly.

There is no charge to have your property reviewed.
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