sky paper review

sky paper review

What will Chris Akabusi do to pay the bills now.
Morning slot was a waste of time.

Sky paper review
What She Knew is a completely addicting, riveting psychological thriller about a mother, Rachel, who lets her eight-year old son run ahead of her in a park, but then he goes missing, only a pile of his clothes left behind. The clock is ticking to find Ben alive.
I was completely gripped by this suspenseful novel, not only because the characters were well drawn, the setting vivid and the plot full of twists and turns, but because as a mother I can completely identify and see myself in this situation. The what-if that every mother experiences in this story was like a punch to the gut. An absolutely brilliant read.

Several of Thursday’s papers happily report the Duke of Edinburgh’s rare public appearance to hand over his patronage of The Rifles infantry regiment to the Duchess of Cornwall.
The industry body is concerned that taking a tougher stance would put them at an increased risk of being attacked when coverings become compulsory in shops in England on Friday.

Biro made from 100% recycled paper – how cool is that?
What is an ecobrick and where can I drop it off? Your questions answered.

Sky paper review
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Body material: Paper

A tale of light, love and courage, as two worlds meet in the mind of one man.
Commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival 2011.

Sky paper review

Stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy this photo of Kriss Akabusi wearing a short sleeve suit jacket on TV this morning. SENSATIONAL

Looking smart for work while keeping cool is a challenge during hot weather – but it’s one Kriss Akabusi appears to have mastered in unique style.

Sky paper review
The former Olympic runner does things his way.

BREAKING: Kriss Akabusi is wearing a short sleeved suit jacket on Sky News.

Stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy this photo of Kriss Akabusi wearing a short sleeve suit jacket on TV this morning. SENSATIONAL

Ultimately, though, he’s got some way to go before he can lay claim to the must unusual formal outfit worn by a sportsman.

The majority of people tend to have a lie-in on Bank Holiday Monday, but not Dominic. The intrepid comedian was up bright and early for his appearance on the Sky News Paper Review show, which takes place between 6-10am every day.
Together they discussed the front page news stories from the day’s newspapers, including The Guardian and The Independent – topics discussed included Storm Katie, the EU referendum and the latest NHS rows.