science review

science review

Science review
GBIF’s annual compilation of peer-reviewed papers that use data published through GBIF’s global infrastructure in scientific research.
The GBIF Science Review provides an annual snapshot of key research uses drawn from the Secretariat’s literature tracking programme. The peer-reviewed articles summarized in Review offer a partial but instructive view of the wide range of research investigations that are enhanced and supported by free and open access to biodiversity data from the GBIF network of Participants, nodes and publishers.

Science review

  • Published since 1962
  • Synthesizes contemporary space research
  • Wide-ranging coverage includes astrophysics, physics of planetary systems, solar physics, and physics of magnetospheres and interplanetary matter
  • Publishes invited papers and topical volumes
  • Free app available on iTunes and Google Play Store

As an international key journal on scientific space research, its purpose is to provide a comprehensive synthesis of the various branches of space research. The emphasis is on scientific results and instruments in the fields of astrophysics, physics of planetary systems, solar physics, and physics of magnetospheres & interplanetary matter. Space Science Reviews publishes invited papers and topical volumes, engaging guest editors whose expertise matches the topic at hand.

Science review
This review sets out a wide range of science highlights achieved in 2019 in support of the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA ) Science Strategy 2015-20.
The science highlights are grouped around our science portfolios as well as the main scientific disciplines working across APHA .

Issue 80 (Click the link below)
The Official Tennis Coaching and Sport Science Publication of the International Tennis Federation.

GATR GJBSSR policy prohibits an author from submitting the same manuscript for concurrent consideration by two or more publications. It prohibits as well publication of any manuscript that has already been published either in whole or substantial part elsewhere.
GATR Global Journal for Business & Social Science Review (GJBSSR) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the publication of original papers. Journal has an editorial board comprising well known scholars and experts from the world’s leading universities and business schools. Its goal is to bring the highest quality research to the widest possible audience.

Science review
Rhodri Jackson, Editorial Director of Asia Journals at Oxford University Press, said: “This is a really important step for NSR and OUP. NSR’s move to Open Access will broaden the reach, impact, and accessibility of the high quality research published in the journal around the world.”
Launched in 2014, NSR is a scientific journal published in English under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and aimed at reporting cutting-edge developments across science and technology in China and around the world. The latest Impact Factor for NSR is 13.222, according to the latest Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2019).

Brian Miller & Jeremy England
Sheldon Lee Glashow