russian liturature

russian liturature

Russian liturature
This page focuses on foundational books and e-resources for the study of Russian literature and South Slavic literature. The left column presents the three most important English-language encyclopedias of Russian literature, three major histories of Russian literatures, followed by a long list of specialized Russian-language dictionaries and encyclopedias about Russian literature. The center column identifies important digital libraries of Russian texts, followed by two sources web-resources about contemporary Russian literary milieu, and a list of Russian online literary journals.
E-libraries of Russian Texts

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New scholarly and critical work on Russian and Soviet literature and culture.

There is no point in trying to summarize this work. It should be read and analyzed. One needs to learn to see the real feelings in this book: sacrifices and fears, courage and cowardice, vices and virtues. «Master and Margarita» is an absolute must read of the classis Russian literature.
This mystical book contains so much meaning and so much profundity that a lot can be missed at first reading. Very often people find new meanings and even new storylines when they read for the second time. The book is a part of the curriculum, but some say that it is too early to read it at school age, since one has to be prepared for it, has to have a little more experience and perspective in order to understand and notice all that has been implied by the author. Reading this novel is impossible without understanding the specifics of the time, so you better should be aware of Soviet history before starting reading this book.

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The contest of Russian literature published for the first time in the Net.
The Rise of Prose
Study notes on Nikolai Gogol’s life and work.

Today she will share her personal history with Russian literature, talk about her relationship between her Turkish background and the interest in Russian literature, including especially the novels of Dostoevsky.
Welcome to a meeting with Elif Batuman, American writer.