phd word count

phd word count

In exceptional circumstances, the Dean—Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research may grant permission for you to submit a longer thesis. You will need to apply for permission to exceed the word limit well in advance of submission.
A PhD thesis should not exceed a total of 100,000 words in length (or 70,000 for most professional doctorates), including scholarly apparatus such as footnotes or endnotes, essential appendices and bibliography. A doctoral thesis should however, be concise. Examiners often criticise excessive length, which frequently indicates poor judgement.

Phd word count
The thesis must not exceed a maximum word count of 100,000. There is no minimum word count. The word count of the thesis includes the main text, preface material, footnotes and references but does not include material in the appendices, bibliography, abstract or lay summary. In exceptional circumstances, on the recommendation of the supervisor, permission may be granted by the College to exceed the stated length on the ground that such extension is required for adequate treatment of the thesis topic.
The Postgraduate Degree Regulations stipulate the word count for research degrees.

  • includes all footnotes and appendices
  • includes all in-text referencing, but
  • does not include your bibliography/reference list.

It’s important to adhere to the word limit when writing your thesis. The maximum word limit is:

If you need to exceed 100,000 words, you must submit a request to the Chair of the Higher Degrees Research Comittee via the Graduate Research Examinations Office before you submit your thesis. This must include:
You should aim to write a thesis of 80,000 words. The word limit is exclusive of words in tables, maps, bibliographies and appendices. Footnotes are included as part of the word limit.

This page tells you everything you need to know about upgrading from MPhil to PhD status, submitting your thesis and sitting your viva voce oral examination. Different schools have different procedures, so you should always check what is required of you with your principal supervisor, or the MPhil/PhD Programme Director or Administrator.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: In light of the developing situation, the Graduate Research School has placed a revised procedure for submission of theses for examination on our Moodle page (under Electronic Thesis Submission). This will be updated as the situation demands. If you have any questions concerning thesis submission, please email the Graduate Research School.

Phd word count
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It is important your thesis is written and formatted in line with university requriements. These can vary depending on the research degree you are undertaking. Common requirements across most research degrees include:

  • the thesis must be written in English
  • sources should be clearly and appropriately referenced
  • the thesis (including footnotes and appendices) should not exceed 100,000 words for PhD & MD, 60,000 words for MPhil and 25,000 for Doctor in Dental Science programmes.

Deadlines for the submission of dissertations and theses for graduate qualifications are prescribed in section 12 of the Personal Programmes of Study Regulations.
General information about the submission of MPhil and doctoral theses is published on the Higher Research Degrees website.