phd defense

phd defense

Preparing to present your thesis to a jury and to the public
Target public: doctoral candidates (2 to 6 months before the jury examination or public presentation)

  • The student will submit a complete draft of the dissertation to each member of the Advisory Committee, together with the Request for Defense form which may be found on the GSBS Forms page
  • Prior to the defense, students who matriculated between Fall 2008 and Summer 2014 must submit at least one first-author paper related to their education and research at GSBS to a peer-reviewed journal for publication (click here for more information on the publication requirement)
  • Once approved to defend, the student submits the following documents to Academic Affairs:
    • Request for Defense form
    • Dissertation abstract
    • Stripped-down” Word version of the dissertation for a check by Turnitin
    • Dissertation draft (PDF)

    The public presentation and examination of a licentiate thesis must take place in a publically announced licentiate seminar. The entire process, including the time and location, is determined by the individual department, not Student Services.
    When your dissertation is nearing completion, you should discuss with your advisors whether it is ready for the defence. You will also need to take care of a number of practical details which involve different parts of the university administration. This page provides key information about your Ph.D. defence.

    The disputation is the public defence of the thesis. Prior to the public defence you must hold a trial lecture.
    Dates for the PhD examination cannot be set before the thesis is found worthy of public defence. See deadlines in connection with holidays.

    The PhD program has a three-year legal duration. The academic year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.
    Between October 1st and 15th, the PhD students will have to apply for the thesis defense following the instructions provided by e-mail by the PhD office. Once the thesis is finished, the file must be uploaded in the student’s Personal Area, and then validated by the supervisor some days in advance of the date of the thesis defense.

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    Phd defense
    Please contact Ines Crisostomo before you start to complete the University of Vienna documentation for guidance.
    The student is responsible for managing all bureaucratic interactions with the University, with assistance from the PhD Coordinator and University officials. The supervisor and the student will work together to ensure that the doctoral thesis meets laboratory and university standards and is completed within the duration of the PhD contract.

    Phd defense
    Visiting address: Woudestein – room A1-05 (near the Senaatszaal)
    Are you not a PhD candidate yet, but considering to pursue a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam? Read more about our vacancies and facilities for PhD students.

    Monday, 11 May 2020
    Di Fu was taking a joint PhD program from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPCAS), and the Informatics Department, University of Hamburg (WTM group). Di Fu successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Interaction between Attentional Capture and Executive Control in Conflict Processing” on 11th May in the IPCAS. The thesis develops a novel research paradigm and reveals the interaction mechanism between bottom-up attentional capture and top-down executive control to the salient distractor in conflict tasks. The thesis also examines this mechanism in audiovisual crossmodal scenarios with human participants and the iCub robot, and its developmental trajectories in children, adolescents, and adults.

    Phd defense
    The final step in the completion of the Ph.D. is the writing up of the thesis dissertation document and an oral defense exam, which is open to the public.
    At least 30 days before defending, complete the Disseration Committee form. It requires a minimum of three faculty members. The student must take it to the Director of Doctoral Programs at the Viterbi School of Engineering (Jennifer Gerson) in OHE 106 to get the Dean’s signature.