phd defence

phd defence

  • booking the venue for the defence (does not need to be at UCPH)
  • if necessary, helping the assessors make travel arrangements. However, this is in principle the assessors’ own obligation.

The Graduate School has made some adjustments in connection with PhD defences.

After a successful defence or licentiate seminar, you are ready to apply for your degree, providing that you are finished with your coursework. You must both register your thesis in Ladok and submit an application for the degree.
The public presentation and examination of a licentiate thesis must take place in a publically announced licentiate seminar. The entire process, including the time and location, is determined by the individual department, not Student Services.

The disputation is the public defence of the thesis. Prior to the public defence you must hold a trial lecture.
Dates for the PhD examination cannot be set before the thesis is found worthy of public defence. See deadlines in connection with holidays.

Doctoral examinations are always public. The chair of the examination has the power to refuse admission to members of the audience.
The examination takes at least one hour. The candidate makes a 20 minutes presentation; the remaining time is available for questions of the examiner and co-examiners. The chair shall decide whether questions from the audience are allowed, these shall have no influence on the result of the examination.