my research project

my research project

You will be presented with a short series of YES or NO questions. Take your time to consider the wording carefully. Once you have answered these questions the tool will let you know if your study is research.
To help you with terminology, a GLOSSARY button is available on every page. All links to individual glossary items or other websites appear in purple text and open in a new window.

Each year in October, CERN brings together high school students from France and Switzerland for the cross-border symposium “Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes” (“My project in 15 minutes”) at the Globe of Science and Innovation. ​
Math, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering. They have 15 minutes to share their science with the audience, under the keen eye of a cartoonist, who reacts live on the various subjects discussed.

If you are seeking guidance on whether you need to take any action for your research project in order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations, please refer to our GDPR guidance.

  • tell you whether you need to notify a review body and if so, in what capacity.
  • provide detailed instructions on submission of amendments.

Managing award funds, reporting and post-award changes.
Setting up the infrastructure for successful management of your award.

MyResearch (formerly known as the Research Management System, or RMS) will provide UQ with an enterprise-wide, integrated research management solution. The solution will be researcher-centric and project-based. It will enable a holistic view of research project management, administration and compliance across the research lifecycle at UQ.
MyResearch will enable individual researchers and research administrators to have direct access to key research project information, facilitating research administration and compliance management. It will also support enhanced project financial management with interfaces to UQ systems that control these elements.

You can use your CSU username and password to access to MyResearch if you are:
MyResearch facilitates data management and reporting by integrating information relating to research activity, HDR candidature and ethics approvals. Note that research output information is accessed via CRO.