final dissertation

final dissertation

Final dissertation
In the Degree in Dentistry the Degree Final Project is a 6 ECTS subject.
The Degree Final Project is regulated by the Regulations of the Degree Final Project of the Universitat de València, developed by the Specific Instructions for the Degree in Dentistry.

The specific requirements for research projects will differ between disciplines. Always follow the guidelines that you have been given by your department, and check with your supervisor if you are unsure of your departmental guidance.
The Final Chapter resource contains lots of useful information for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students working on a research project or dissertation.

Final submissions are due to ProQuest by the deadlines below. These deadlines are firm .
Final copies must meet the required formatting standards as shown in the formatting template. Incorrectly formatted final copies cannot be accepted. As this may affect graduation plans, please contact the Thesis and Dissertation Officer if you have any questions about the template requirements or require formatting assistance.

The Graduate College also has Dissertation and Thesis Formatting Guides available in order to assist students with formatting their dissertation or thesis. Please review the relevant guide prior to submitting your work for archiving.
All doctoral dissertations and master’s theses are submitted by the student for archiving upon final approval by the student’s committee. (“Dissertations” here also refers to DNP projects in Nursing and DMA documents in Music.) These works will be added to the UA Campus Repository and the national archive of dissertations and theses maintained by ProQuest/UMI. There are no fees charged for archiving.