failed phd

failed phd

Our school motto is taken from Isaiah 40:31:
Welcome to Quinns Baptist College. We are a co-educational school whose mission is to provide a comprehensive education to students to equip them for life in our ever changing world.

You’ll get things wrong, you’ll say the wrong thing, you’ll act against good judgement, and you’ll behave in ways that you’ll be ashamed of.
Instead of seeking and craving perfection (and then being disappointed when you don’t achieve it), learn to embrace your fallibility. Try your best not to fail, but expect to do so from time to time and be kind to yourself when you actually do.

No hope at all? Life and attitude changes forever?

You just spent a relatively small slice of your life doing something you enjoyed and/or working towards something you wanted to accomplish. Yes, it sucks that you failed to pass the standard deemed necessary to hold the qualification, but (however cliched it sounds) at least you tried as hard as you could. in the end that is really all you can do