candidature in english

candidature in english

Finally the questioning flickered out, no one withdrew their candidature, and the voting commenced.
Probably some deep private trouble, quite unconnected with my candidature; but I am so nervous.

Candidature in english

Il y a un an, l’opposition bulgare, a présenté ma candidature à la présidence de leur TV nationale.

Mais il n’avait pas caché qu’il y avait peu d’espoir quant à sa candidature.

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Candidature in english
Twice a year, the Commission offers five-month paid, administrative or translation internships. For each period, the Commission’s Traineeships Office determines the exact number of trainees to be attributed to each Directorate General, Service and Agency, depending on the budget availability and the existing conditions (size, absorption capacity, results of the evaluations carried out, etc.).
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Various organizations related to the MAR, listed below, have been contacted to participate in the conference. They will contribute to the success of ISMAR 10 in several ways.

  • European Commission (EIP Water)
  • Spanish Ministries
  • Water Supply Company for Madrid City (CYII)
  • Madrid Complutense University (UCM)
  • Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM)
  • Cataluña Polytechnic University (UPC)
  • Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero (Duero River Basin Authorities) (CHD)
  • Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana (Guadiana river basin authorities) (CHG)
  • Spanish Water Technological Platform (PTEA)
  • Water Supply and Sanitary Technological Platform (WssTP)