bbc paper review

bbc paper review

“We won’t shop you” is the headline on the front of the Daily Mirror, as it reports the Association of Convenience Stores, which represents workers and owners, has advised its members not to challenge customers who aren’t wearing face coverings.
Several of Thursday’s papers happily report the Duke of Edinburgh’s rare public appearance to hand over his patronage of The Rifles infantry regiment to the Duchess of Cornwall.

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The peer-review process is designed to make sure research stands up to scrutiny.
During the peer-review process, the paper will be vetted by a group of scientists who will assess if the science – the method, the analysis and the inferences drawn from the data – stands up to scrutiny. This is designed to weed out errors, misinterpretation or flawed research methods.

Cover of ‘The Mississippi Shore’ by Scottish singer Thomas Fraser was played during Cerys Matthews’ Sunday morning radio show
Return of football has triggered a huge demand to watch games behind paywalls, but the City of London Police has issued a clear warning that fans who use illegal services are putting their family at risk as well as breaking the law

Bbc paper review
The BBC receives the majority of its income — £3.7 billion of its total £4.9 billion annual revenues — from the compulsory annual levy on all households that watch television.
The TV licence could be scrapped by 2027 after the government announced that it would launch a detailed and “open-minded” review of the BBC’s funding model.

Bbc paper review
At a time of highly political and polarised debate, the need for accurate, trustworthy and robust journalism is as important as it has ever been.
In March, we launched an in-depth review of BBC news and current affairs, putting audiences at the heart of our research. Over the spring and summer, we gathered views from people across the United Kingdom. We commissioned research to give us a detailed insight into how people get their news, and we looked at the range and depth the BBC offers compared to other news providers.