National Groups versus Family Groups

Human beings mainly thrive in societies and communities. A society comprises individuals who share in features and engage in similar practices. There are different kinds of groups in society. The nature of a group is influenced by the priorities, goals, and actions of the members. Essentially, a social group acts as a representation of the inclinations of the group’s members. Within every given society, there are identity groups and national groups. There are several differences between the two social units.

Family groups are those which define the heritage of the members of a given community within the State. Alternatively, national groups are those which capture the different aspects of a given community. For instance, a Chinese family in America comprises an identity group. This is because it consists mainly of a few individuals who converge given their shared heritage. In China, the community would form part of the national group. Therefore, an identity group serves the interests of a few individuals while a national group serves the interest of the largest number of individuals.

Likewise, a family group is influenced by the desire to promote the culture of the given individuals within the setting. It entails the indoctrination of the members in order to reinforce their engagement of pre-established beliefs and cultural practices. Nation groups are however aligned towards the promotion of economic and social interests of the members of a given country. The guiding frameworks in the national groups are not influenced by the members of the community but also the administrative bodies.

Conclusively, national and family groups form the major social groups. Nonetheless, the groups project a myriad difference. Family groups entail and address fewer individuals than is the case with national groups. Furthermore, Family groups promote the heritages and behavioral inclinations of the members. National groups, on the other hand, are aligned towards the improvement of diverse economic and social conditions in the overall society. A similar topic and as well interesting you can read here self identity essays it would help you to understand the identity of groups better.